Sunday, November 27, 2011

Zombie Mall Santa

maybe he had the wrong kid on his lap?

Confused Zombie

Figure for a while until I at least get the story worked out in my head i will just stockpile zombies here for a while the story may turn to a more horriffic tale with a cartoonish look dunno yet im feeling dark...

Before and Afters

Drew a couple of different random zombies from clip art that I freehanded and then tried different versions of color add, one being marker the other crayon its rough in crayon.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Playing with the idea of how it goes down

so here goes another shot at it.
Found a piece of clipart of a zombie child , its free its one cell i can do anything from this point with it ill have to figure the look as it moves and such as I only have the one shot , i freehanded it quick from the site and ill see if its better than the moon face, i was never good at initial cartoons just drawin after. Ava kept on saying dont forget the line over here or the line over there....

So now i will stat off the process, if I manage to make this worthwhile i know I will regret the early drawings of it but i will forge on . Knowing the way most of our favorite characters started out I wont let it aggravate me too much.